Hello! =] This is my blog, which, I suppose, you may already have guessed. I hope you enjoy what's posted and reblogged here.

Some things that I love and a little about myself:

- Christian.
- Caffeine fiend. Coffee and Dr Pepper especially.
- Sugar.
- Chocolate.
- Food.
- Half Irish/half Scottish.
- Aspiring to be a writer.
- The smell of books. It might be the best smell of them all.

TV shows:
- Doctor Who.
- The X-Files.
- Twin Peaks.
- Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes.
- Sherlock.
- Being Human.
- Father Ted.
- Black Books.
- The IT Crowd.
- Blackadder.
- Batman: The Animated Series.
- Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.
- Batman. [Adam West]
- Dylan Moran.
- Charlie Brooker.

- Monster.
- Full Metal Alchemist.
- Ghost in the Shell.
- Dragon Ball Z.
- Death Note.
- Heat Guy J.
- Get Backers.
- Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade.
- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
- Vampire Hunter D.
- The works of Studio Ghibli.

- 20th Century Boys.
- Pluto.
- Full Metal Alchemist.
- GoGo Monster.

- Batman.
- The Flash.
- Justice League.
- Spider-Man.
- Fantastic Four.
- Daredevil.
- The Avengers.
- Scott Pilgrim.

- John Connolly.
- Stephen King.
- J.R.R. Tolkien.
- Sherlock Holmes.
- A Series of Unfortunate Events.
- I Am Legend.
- One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.
- Afraid.
- Lots and lots of other books. I love books!

- The Lord of the Rings.
- The Shawshank Redemption.
- Braveheart.
- Gladiator.
- The Blair Witch Project.
- Halloween.
- [rec].
- Oldboy.
- A Bittersweet Life.
- The Naked Gun.
- Scott Pilgrim.
- Batman Begins.
- The Dark Knight.
- Batman. [Adam West]

Video games:
- Sonic the Hedgehog.
- The Legend of Zelda.
- Mario and Mario Kart.
- Super Smash Bros.
- Metroid.
- Donkey Kong.
- Resident Evil.
- Platformers, adventure, RPG and horror are my favourite game genres.

17th July 2011

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